Partner With Us

Natural Birth and Baby Care’s Media platform thrives on the art of storytelling, providing an engaging space for brand partners through interactive digital campaigns. Our comprehensive services include content creation, campaign distribution, digital marketing, sponsorships, and brand activations, facilitating connections between brands and our community of remarkable women.

Opportunities for Brand Integration:

  1. Blog Sponsorship: Collaborate with us as a sponsor for our blog content. Your brand will be prominently featured, aligning with the interests of career and business-minded women.
  2. Podcast or Blog Interviews: Participate in interviews on our podcast or blog to share your brand’s story, values, and offerings directly with our audience.
  3. Digital ADs: Leverage our digital platform for strategic ad placements, ensuring maximum visibility among our engaged audience.
  4. Customized Articles: Craft tailor-made articles that resonate with our readers, seamlessly integrating your brand’s messaging.
  5. Ambassadorship: Establish a long-term partnership as a brand ambassador, fostering a deeper connection with our community.
  6. Events Attendance/Coverage: Enhance your brand’s presence by participating in or sponsoring events related to natural birth and baby care, with coverage on our media platform.
  7. Gift Guide Insertion & Giveaways: Feature your products in our curated gift guides and engage our audience with exciting giveaways.
  8. Newsletter Spotlight or Dedicated Feature: Reach our subscribers through newsletter spotlights or dedicated features, ensuring direct visibility to a targeted audience.
  9. Fam Trips: Collaborate on familiarization trips, allowing you to showcase your products/services to our audience in an authentic setting.

Rates and Collaboration Details: Rates are determined based on the scope of work, usage, and exclusivity. We welcome discussions with brands at all budget levels to explore mutually beneficial partnerships. Please reach out to initiate a conversation about potential collaborations.

Advertising Policies:

  1. No Follow Links: We adhere to Google’s guidelines by incorporating the “no follow” attribute for all advertising links, ensuring compliance with search engine policies.
  2. Sponsored Content Disclosure: All paid content will be clearly marked as “sponsored” to comply with the Federal Trade Commission’s rules on transparency.
  3. Relevance and Legitimacy: We only promote partnerships and sponsorships that align with our values and genuinely benefit our readers. Requests for link additions, infographic shares, or resource additions will not be entertained.

Advertise Your Business: If you are interested in collaborating with Natural Birth and Baby Care’s Media platform, please submit detailed information about your brand and objectives. We look forward to exploring creative ways to work together and create meaningful connections with our audience.