Which Quilting Kits Should Beginners Start With


Quilting is among the funny hobbies which can be shared with grandchildren and children too. However, starting it may not be as easy. Questions on quilting come into your mind like the much fabric required? Pattern to go for? With quilt kits, this guesswork is fully eliminated as they come with all needed requirements for a given project.

Below are some of the easy quilting supplies for beginners:

1. New Colors Flight Kite Quilt

This quilt is made using Kona Cotton and it’s very easy to finish up, bright and vibrant. It is also among the most affordable crafty quilting kits which beginners can use. The kit is made of cuts which are brightly colored and a pattern both made from Kona cotton.
Requirements for completion of the project:

• Collect quilt top.

• Create then baste sandwich of a quilt

• Make use of rotary cutter

• Sew a seam ¼ inches

New Colors Flight kit includes ½ binding, two background yards and the pattern. You are then required to supply 92*64 batting, quilting ruler which is clear, rotary cutter, rotary mat and backing 5 yards.
This kit is generally colorful and beautiful quilt which is easy and simple to sew which makes it ideal option for beginners.

2. Colorful Hexagon Free Spirit Quilt

If searching for a bed stylish quilt as a beginner then this is the best choice. This quilt has classic and chic prints which will add some flair and style to the space in the bedroom. Fabrics used in this quilt include floral and paisley prints chosen from True Colors Free Spirit collection. The ultimate piece of the quilt measures 98 inches by 88 inches.

The above project needs beginners to learn how to:

• Collect quilt top.

• Create and baste sandwich of quilt.

• Sew about a quarter inch seam.

• Make use of rotary cutter.

Free Spirit kit comes along with all cuts of fabric you could need but it will require you to supply the following for completion of the project; 104 inches by 94 inches batting, rotary cutter, rotary mat, thread, eight and half yards backing and clear ruler for quilting. Advanced beginners should give a try to this type of quilt kit.

3. Treat Tonga Boxcars Quilt

These are the most easy and simple quilt kits. Treat Tonga features beautiful, bright patterns which is also a best kit project which both adults and kids will like. This kit is affordable and also gives you a chance of choosing between different patterns and colors such as:

Bouquet: bright tie-dye and pastel colors added with purple, yellow, blue, green and pink tomes. Paisley and geometric patterns also feature.

Madrid: it has warm black, orange, yellow and brown tones. This kind of quilt helps you come close with the wild side. It also features organic, geometric, paisley and animal patterns.

Tahiti: vibrant oranges, yellows, greens and browns make this quilt which is tropical inspired. Organic, geometric and paisley patterns give the quilt life.

The following are the requirements you will are required to supply:

Rotary mat, rotary cutter, thread, quilting clear ruler, half yard binding, 67inches by 52inches batting and three yards backing.


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