What You Should Know About Facial Sprays.

Getting a perfect facial spray for yourself is nothing close to easy. You will have to find the spray with your favorite scent and then match with your type of skin. Some skins are relatively oilier while some are more sensitive. A few years ago I began to search for a facial spray and to be honest I was disappointed day after day. This went on until the day I came across this Mario Badescu facial spray review. There so many features that Mario Badescu facial spray has that makes it my favorite. This spray might not turn out to be your favorite but here are some useful guidelines that can help you easily find the best facial spray for your skin.

1. Know the purpose of using a facial spray. Facial sprays can be very useful when hydrating skin dry skin as well as prepare your skin for makeup. However do not expect too much from a facial spray. It will not help you get rid of wrinkles and it is not a cure for acne. With the right purpose in mind, you will not get frustrated by the facial spray you bought.

2. Have a specific favorite scent. It will be much easier for you to find the best facial spray if you have a specific one in mind. Rose is my favorite scent and therefore that is why I settled for the Mario Badescu facial spray. Shopping for a facial spray without having a specific favorite scent will get you swayed easily from one spray to another. Since the spray will only be used on your face I would advise you to opt for a mild scent.

3. Research on how often you will have to respray yourself during the day. There are some facial sprays that usually applied two to three time in a day while others can be applied once and be adequate for the whole day. In most cases, you will have to reapply a facial spray that has a mild scent more often than a strongly scented one.

4. Compare the prices. Don’t just buy the first facial spray saw on Amazon. Shop around and compare its price with the others. You might fall on a better deal. If you are not sure about the facial spray you are about to buy ask a friend to help you out. Buy the smallest size of the spray and try it out for a week. If you don’t like it shop around again and you will one day settle down for your favorite facial spray.

Use the spray carefully on your face while keeping it away from the eyes. In the event that the facial spray gets into your eye close your eyes until the itching pain ends. Consult with a doctor if the pain persists for more than an hour. Finally, store your spray in a fridge during hot weather and keep it far away from the reach of children.

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