Tower Fans vs Pedestal Fans: How Do They Differ?

When choosing effective cooling equipment for home or office use, the top two options in the market are pedestal and tower fans.

Both pedestal and tower fans are good for home and office usage. These types of cooling equipment are effective in keeping room space cooler and comfortable. If you don’t have a budget for installing an AC and the expensive energy bills that come with it, a fan is a great alternative.

Although tower and pedestal fans have a similar function, however, these two differs in several aspects. Thus, check out the differences between tower favs versus pedestal fans  before making any purchase decisions.

Here is a quick comparison guide between pedestal fan and tower fan based on space, power, style, and noise levels.


The first thing you need to consider when selecting a fan is the location and space you have. The fan’s dimension can affect its overall performance. For example, a small fan can’t cool a large room; it could never achieve the temperature you desire.

Tower fans are ideal for small room space. The build of this equipment is slim and lightweight. You can keep it a corner without taking so much area.

If you have a larger room, the best choice is a pedestal fan. This type of cooling equipment features powerful blades that can circulate air more efficiently in larger spaces.

Furthermore, pedestal fans feature bigger dimensions. The lower body of this equipment is slimmer compared to the base and upper portion which is wider. Thus, it will require more space like big rooms and patios.


When talking about power, pedestal fans are more powerful. A standard pedestal fan is listed at 1854 CFM when on high setting. On the other hand, more advanced pedestal fans are listed as 720CFM on high setting.

A high-powered fan means the air circulates more efficiently. It is suitable for large spaces that require rough air flow.

A tower fan has lesser power compared to pedestal fans. It does not require much power since it is designed for smaller spaces.

Noise Levels

Pedestal fans produce noise since it is more powerful, unlike tower fans. The noise can disturb sleeping individuals or a person doing office work. Inasmuch, this type of equipment is best-suited for industrial stations like a garage or factories.

A tower fan is noiseless when operating because it is less powerful compared to a pedestal fan. It features a brushless motor which is the reason behind its noiseless operation. This characteristic is what makes tower fans perfect for the office and home use.

Fan Style

If you have a modern-looking interior, a tower fan would fit perfectly into your living space. This type of fan is available in many styles and designs. You can choose one which complements your office or home design.

A pedestal fan may look out of place in most modern offices and home décor. It will match perfectly on spaces with the industrial theme going on.

Now, which fan matches your needs?

Do you need more details about tower and pedestal fans?

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