The Science Behind Compression Socks: How Does it Work?

You probably have heard about compression socks on television shows or via the internet; probably, your friend or one of your family members is wearing one. But have you ever wonder why they are consistent wearing one?

To help you learn more about this footwear garment, here are the most important facts you have to know about compression socks.

What are Compressions Socks? 

Unlike the regular footwear garment that you usually wear on a daily basis, the compression socks are designed to offer comfort and better wellness. As a matter of fact, this garment is highly recommended for individuals who are suffering from leg muscle pain, muscle soreness, fatigue, varicose veins, lymphedema, edema and other similar medical conditions. In simple words, compression socks provide treatment and reduce the risk of suffering from certain diseases associated with poor blood circulation.

Who can benefit from Compression Socks?

Compression socks are the best footwear garment for physically active individuals. Moreover, if your work involves prolonged hours of standing, walking or any other similar activities, you can benefit from this product. Also, if you belong to the things listed below, better replace your regular socks with compression foot garments.

  1.    Athletes especially runners,
  2.    Goes on travel frequently such as sitting for long hours in a car trip or on a flight,
  3.    Pregnant women and after pregnancy,
  4.    Children

How does it Work? 

Most first time buyers ask this question when buying compression socks; how do compression socks work?

The compression socks are backed with science; specifically, it is designed for medical purposes. When you walk, run, travel or do physical activities, all the muscles at your legs and feet healthily contracts, enabling the blood to flow smoothly back to the heart. However, doing these physical activities for an extended period of time may cause your blood to circulate poorly. Moreover, the presence of different medical conditions like varicose veins, edema, and lymphedema to name a few, makes it harder for your blood to go back to your heart. This situation results in chronic swelling and muscle pains.

Wearing compression socks puts pressure on your veins. This garment squeezes your skin to reduce vein diameter. With this, the blood pumps faster to your heart and different parts of the body distributing oxygen and nutrients essential for your health. In addition, compression socks reduce the risk of blood clot development which is considered one of the most life-threatening conditions there is.

Where to Find Compression Socks?

Finding compression socks is easy. All you have to do is visit the most reliable sources of this garment such as Compression Carl. This site provides helpful detailed buying guidelines on the best compression socks in the market. Likewise, their unbiased product reviews are a great help in identifying the perfect compression sock for your needs. By visiting their site, you will encounter no trouble in browsing compression socks online.

So, are you satisfied with what you learned about compression socks? If not, you can always visit this site for additional info on this garment.

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