The IPL and the Laser Hair Removal

Both are effective way of getting away with the growth of hair in a permanent way. You deal with the hair root by either killing or making it weak. The light wavelengths are absorbed are absorbed by the hair and reaches the root. This process has a permanent effect on your hair.

The comparison of the two

They both use light to eliminate hair growth completely. They are almost the same and a long term way of removing the hair. They both achieve very effective results and are suitable for anyone. They can reduce the speed at which the hair can grow and also the thickness. They provide the best results on dark pigmented hair.

The differences on the two methods

The IPL uses visible light on a broad spectrum. The laser method utilizes its properties. For laser, it can cause cancer.  The smoke produced gets in the airways and it really irritates you. You can use IPL reduce hair from surfaces with large areas like the legs but for laser areas with small areas like the private parts.

The difference is IPL requires more treatment and the effects of light absorb a large area. Laser method just requires a small surface area to eliminate the growth of hair permanently. They are almost the same on the process of doing it but you have to make proper decisions on which will fit you.

The benefits of the unique properties on laser

It reinforces the light completely and does not cancel the light out. It is coherent and the light produced differs from the normal light. It is made of waves with the same wavelength and the same phase that are step with one another.

It emits light with the same wavelength. Has that monochromatic property of wavelengths having the same color. The white light emitted is a combination of the different colors. You know that the white color is different from the others on the emitting process.

The light waves emitted are parallel. With this collimation of light, it makes the process very powerful. It has a perfect light to effectively work on your skin. This reduces the hair completely and that is why it is more preferred. It is speedy way to get rid of the hair but when done by a skilled technician.

Deciding between the two

Consider the color of your skin they both work very well on dark skin.  You have to invest on them and check which fits your pocket. Laser is more expensive than the IPL method. You also need to check which part of body you need to eliminate the hair. How fast do you need the process done and get the results.


You need to learn first on the two processes before you decide. You cannot take in anything and impose on your body without knowing if they have effects. Check on which method you are comfortable with.  You also need to know on the effects afterwards before deciding between IPL and laser hair removal. Get a trained professional who will give the best outcome of the procedure.

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