Scroll Saw Basics: Top Things You Need to Know about Scroll Saw

A scroll saw is one of the most useful tools that allow you to cut intricate shapes in many sizes. Although scroll saw is often confused with jigsaw and band saw, the scroll saw looks and functions differently than the formers.

At Garage Craftsman’s website you will discover several models and brands of scroll saw that might take your interest; however, other than visiting the website for more information about which one to choose, you should also take some time to know a few important things about scroll saws.


  1.    The blade 

The function of scroll saw depends on its blade; although confusing, knowing most of them will help you choose the right tool for you.

Here are some scroll saw blades that you need to know:

  •    Scroll saw with a standard tooth
    The blade comes in both metal and wooden varieties. The scroll saw with the wooden blade has larger teeth and has bigger space in between teeth; it is often used to clear off sawdust while you cut. The metal blades, on the other hand, are manufactured with smaller teeth and have lesser space in between them.
  •    Scroll saw with skip tooth
    This type of blade is almost similar to the standard, but with every other tooth is gone. Having a blade with wider teeth, it helps most beginners to adjust easily with their woodworking projects.
  •    Scroll saw with a double tooth
    These types have a skip-tooth blade that has a larger space for every two sets of teeth. Although it functions slower than the rest, the double tooth leaves a very smooth and precise cut.
  •    Scroll saw with reverse skip-tooth
    The reverse skip tooth blade functions similarly with the regular type of skip tooth blade, however, the last few teeth are pointed upward, which helps prevent the end of the wood from tearing-out or splintering while being cut.
  •    Scroll saw with precision-ground blades
    These types of blades have a skip-tooth blade, but with smaller teeth, which helps the craftsman provide a sharper and smoother cut.
  •    Scroll saw with a spiral blade
    This is one of the most common blades in scroll saw; it can cut any materials in almost all directions without the need to turn the wood around while cutting. Although convenient and very useful, the result of using this blade can leave a rough surface and inaccuracy.
  •    Scroll saw with crown-tooth for blades
    The blade is “literally” shaped like a crown, which is useful when cutting plastic or glass.
  1.    Learning the importance of the variable speed control

One of the essential requirements when choosing the right scroll saw is knowing the right variable speed control;
o    High speed: 1200 to 1800 strokes per minute (perfect for very hard wood)
o    Low speed: 400 to 800 strokes per minute (used to cut a smaller and softer type of materials)

  1.    Stand-alone or table mounted

Woodworking is crucial, especially if you needed to apply intricate designs, which is why choosing between stand-alone and table-mounted scroll saw is crucial to woodworking too.

The stand-alone is manufactured with built-in dampening effect, which helps reduce vibration when cutting any materials. The table-mounted scroll saw, on the other hand, can vibrate more due to its design, but allows you to work efficiently than the stand-alone.

Final Thoughts

There are other things you need to learn about scroll saws that could help you identify which suits what for specific woodworking art project. So, take time to read similar blogs and reviews, like those you will find at Garage Craftsman’s website.

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