Roundup Of The Coolest Electric Train Sets Available


Toy train sets have been around for centuries now, and have progressed into impressive outlets for fun and educational purposes. When electric train sets came into fruition, it gave children and families an opportunity to experience the nearest real thing to an actual locomotive track.

There are tons of train sets for children and families available, electric or not, that can help increase the creative process, improve hand and eye coordination, and serve as an educative tool.

These three electric train sets on this list are not only educational with all of the benefits listed above, but they are cool, realistic looking, and offer hours of family bonding and fun.

1: Lionel Pennsylvania Flyer

If you are looking for a locomotive that looks and sounds like the real deal, then this Berkshire styled Steam Locomotive has you covered. It comes complete with the sounds of bells and whistles, and even more, the craftsmanship of the entire gang is remarkable.

The locomotive is O-Gauge, which is the second biggest size you’ll get in electric train sets. It has working headlights and removable crates on the gondola. The freights are designed like the real thing with fixed knuckle couplers.

Comes with a remote control for easy use. It’ll take two double A batteries, and depending on where you buy it from, they should be included. The remote is great, everything is clearly marked, and you can control the speed and take it backwards or propel it forward. 12 curved and 4 straight tracks for a total of 14 pieces, easy to assemble.

Lionel Pennsylvania Flyer is as realistic as it gets, and you’ll get that fuzzy feeling once you hear the chugging of the locomotive kick from low to high gear. 6 CC Batteries needed.

2: Bachman Trains Train Set

Bachman is another who is making their locomotive train set as realistic as it can get. This will create such a great bonding experience for you and your child and really help improve their motor skills with a little practice.

It comes with 2 freight cars and wide vision caboose, the HO scale thoroughbred locomotive reverses for fun riding. 110v electric powered, no batteries needed.

What we liked the most about this set is that it comes with illustrated instructions, which makes the setup much more simpler. You should be setting this up for any child younger than 12 as it is. It takes only an estimated ten minutes to assemble, which is above satisfactory considering the intricacy of electric train setups.

Included is a 1 plug in terminal, open quad hopper, and the set comes in multi-colors designed for kids 8-12 years old. From one side to the next, the set runs 38 inches.

Parts are made of plastic, so you don’t have to worry about your children getting hurt, and this set is good for beginners.

3: Lionel Polar Express Train Set

There are a few reasons the Lionel Polar Express G-Gauge Train Set took first honors. One, Lionel is a trusted and reputable electric and toy-train manufacturer, and two, the design, the theme of this train set is inspired by the actual movie, Polar Express, which makes it really cool for you and your child to relive your favorite moments from the movie with this set.

Large scale battery operate and it comes with a RC remote controller plus an easy storage box for easy packing and portability.

12 curved and 4 straight G-Gauge tracks made out of plastic, but incredibly durable. For the ages of 8 and up, your kids will have a blast with the Polar Express themed train set.

The passenger coach car comes with two opening doors, an observation car with disappearing hobo feature and opening door, and leading the way is the steam locomotive with coal tender. Like third on our list, the craftsmanship for this set is just flat out incredible. Working headlights on the locomotive, the details are painted and realistic on the car and passenger coach, and the set comes with three figures: the boy, conductor, and hobo.

The train will go backwards and forward, and can operate in three speeds making this a nice set to own.

The Final Roundup of Words

Clearly, these three only represent a fraction for some of the coolest locomotive toys out there. These three train sets can be used by beginners and by children 8 and up. Although, with the right supervision, a younger child could use it as well.

Either one of these would make a great choice for you and your child to use. This will help you and your young one bond, improve their motor skills, enhance hand and eye coordination, and bring a bunch of fun and excitement for years to come.

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