Product Review: Everything to Know About Schrade SCHF36 Frontier Fixed-Blade Knife

Knives are considered as one of the best tools that man has ever made; despite today’s new technology, the knives’ existence remains crucial to human survival, especially when they are made for camping activities. Camping knives are designed for all-purpose uses; and when it comes to camping knives, Schrade SCHF36 Frontier Fixed-Blade Knife is one of the best all-purpose camping knives today.

What is Schrade SCHF36 Frontier Fixed-Blade Knife edge?

The Schrade SCH36 Frontier is invented with a full tang of 5.05” and coated with black powder; this means that the 1095 high carbon steel drop point blade has a full strength that can take a real good beating. To fully understand how efficient the knife is, you may read an in-depth review at the SCHF36 knife or check out its product details and more below.

Product Description:

The Schrade SCHF36 Frontier Fixed-Blade Knife is one of the best products from Taylor Brand, LLC – a company that has been in the business for years in designing, manufacturing, and distributing quality and stainless steel cutting tools and some of its accessories.

Product Details:

•    Schrade SCHF36 Frontier Fixed-Blade Knife dimensions – 12.8×3.6×2.2 inches
•    The length of the blade – 5.05 inches, which is 12.83 cm
•    The overall length – 10.41 inches, which is 26.44 cm
•    The thickness of the blade – ¼ inches
•    Materials used – Black powder-coated high carbon steel
•    Weighs 350 grams


•    It is a full tang
•    It has Ferro rod
•    Purchase includes sharpening stone and a belt sheath made from nylon with a strong pouch


•    The blade is thick, tough, sharp, and strong enough to withstand any pressure
•    Able to be used in rough and tough materials
•    Can be used for cutting and carving woods
•    More durable than other butcher knives that are sold at the market
•    Designed with an easy grip and non-slip handle
•    The sheath prevents the knife from developing wear-out or rust
•    Reasonably affordable
•    One of the best all-around camping knife

There is nothing much to say about any disadvantages; even though in reality the Schrade SCHF36 Frontier Fixed-Blade is far from being a perfect all-around camping knife, by far, it is one of the great options when it comes to a high-grade knife that you can use for anything during camping.

If you want to keep your knife’s sharpness long-lasting, here are some few tips on how to sharpen your knife:

•    Do not hesitate to sharpen your knife with its sharpening stone

•    You may use lubricant when sharpening (either oil or water); this helps reduce heat caused by the friction from sharpening the knife. According to the experts, heat can cause warp on the blade. Also, it effectively clears out swarf and debris.

•    Sharp the knife at a constant angle of 20 degrees

•    Do not put too much pressure on the knife when sharpening

•    Test the blade’s sharpness by cutting a piece of paper to determine if your sharpening task is all done.

Final Thought

The Schrade SCHF36 Frontier Fixed-Blade is one of the best all-around camping knives – it is cheaper, tougher, and better than some of its counterparts.

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