Power Wheels Barbie – Perfect Christmas Girls Gift

After spending hours and hours of the store shelves or browsing through online shops, you will notice that nothing seems to be the best gift for your 3-year old daughter this Christmas. That was my case a year ago when I was shopping around for my 3-year old girl until I came across something that caught my attention. I took a closer look and headed home with what I saw as the best and  indeed it was from the hugs and kisses I received from my little daughter who still uses it until now. it is  a power wheels Barbie electric car. I would have died for the same gift when I was a young girl of about three to eight years. This is an ideal Christmas gift for your girl especially if your little girl is a big fan of Barbie. Lucky enough most girls are fans of Barbie but if not there are some Power Wheel cars and trucks for girls that are not Barbie themed but can still make the perfect Christmas gift for your daughter.

I noticed two versions of the of the Barbie power wheels cars; one has a single seat with a low volt power that are move a at a very slow speed. They are designed for children that are between 1-2 years. This was out of the question for my 3-year old daughter. Another type is meant for children between 2-6 of age, which are pink colored Barbie themed vehicles that come in the form of jeeps, quad bikes, and 4×4 luxury cars that are top of the range. I really wanted to pick the one that would make the perfect gift for a three-year old girl so I ended up settling on the Barbie mustang and the Barbie jeep.

Barbie Jeep

This probably is the most popular Power wheel vehicles of all the Barbie power wheels. It has a bright pink color with a lilac finish and has all the details that you see in a real jeep. It has the large 4×4 wheels that roll over rough surfaces, windscreen pipers, side mirrors, working side doors and a movable foot pedal; everything that will make your child believe that they have a real jeep as adults do. Its motor runs on a 5 volt rechargeable battery that can run up to a top speed of 2-5mph. if you think that the speed is too high you can always adjust the speed control and teach your child to use the safety break.

Barbie ford Mustang

This is the most stylish of all the Barbie Power wheels series that are modeled after the actual Ford Mustang and has the same sleek sporty feel that will make your daughter the talk among her friends. It has a bright pink color and a cool tan seating with Barbie designs on every side. It also has an inbuilt radio that plays preset sounds. It also has beautiful lights that shine on and off when you turn the key. The seats can be adjusted front and back to make the whole play more fun.

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