Personal planners make life more organised

We all like to be successful in our business and even our personal lives. A little trick to help you do that is getting used to the planners and the desk calendars. This does not mean that you should plan your whole life, but smaller calendars that can be placed on the desk and have writing spaces, for example, are good ways of keeping track of your appointments, exams, friends’ birthdays and any other thing involving a date.


The best desk calendars are the ones that provide a little bit of writing space where one can make a note or two about important things to do on a given day. The advantage of the personal planners is that they can offer more space for each day of the year and also they day can be further divided into time frames. This is just making it easy to use than the calendar. A planner is also easier to put in a bag and carry around. Choosing between the two depends on the budget as well as on the customers you intend to give it to.

Since it of the two products can come in a multitude of shapes and formats, it might be a good idea if you make a limited quantity from both and give it out according to the customer’s needs. If some of your customers are involved in jobs that require them to stay at a desk for a longer period, the calendar is the better choice. However, if some of your customers are active people who move around and go to several meetings during a work day, it is best to give them a planner.

If you decide on the desk calendar, you should try and get it as customized as possible. Remember that it is not only the cover that is important but also each page of the calendar. Thus you should have at least the name and the logo of the company on each page. If you decide to make a monthly calendar, you should use part of the sheet to offer more detailed information about your company. Examples of these pieces of information can be your detailed list of services, a map offering directions to the company’s office, and a list with some of your loyal customers especially if their activity complements yours.

If you decide to offer your customers or your business partners planners, there are several things to take in consideration. First of all, they can be more expensive than the calendars. Thus if you have a limited budget, you can only get a small quantity. On the other hand, they make better promotional gifts and show your appreciation for your collaboration. They can come in pocket size or a little bit bigger. The bigger ones are usually more practical and apart from the actual planner offer places for business cards, your pen, sometimes even a small calculator. They also have leather covers or similar material which makes them more durable and better looking.

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