How to spot quality rotary hand tools

Quality rotary hand tools make a list of the must haves in professional workshops, amateur or even at homes. Be it you are an expert in craftsmanship or deal with simple household projects as you select the hand tools to purchase quality is of importance. For you to spot the best quality tools you need to consider certain aspects which include:


Shafts and handles

When looking for quality rotary hand tools, consider ones with soft rubber padded handles and fiberglass shafts. The fiberglass shaft will tend to absorb shock once a blow is made in a better way than ones with steel or wooden shaft. Additionally, tools with this fiberglass shafts also are stronger and rarely break or crack unlike the wood handles. The soft rubber pads on the handles will also absorb any shock hence improving the tool’s hand comfort and grip.


Although the type of grip is a more of a person’s preference, for a quality rotary hand tool the grip should not be in a position to hurt the hand of the user when conditions are at extreme. Some of the recommended grips are rubber padded, four-sided contoured handles and rounded handles fitted with inserts of grip.


Rotary hand tools tend to function similarly but there are some differences in terms of their applications. There are the heavy duty ones which are intended for doing professional work. When looking for such tools, for you to purchase quality tools, consider strength of the tools as its key for such tasks. Such tools as well tend to quite larger and heavier making them fit for such tasks which are so demanding, if you purchasing the tools to perform home improvements like crafting, fine detail and wood work tasks consider purchasing smaller tools lighter in weight.

Corded or cordless

Rotary tools come both in cordless or corded units. For convenience and quality of work, consider purchasing cordless tools since the tools will not require to be attached to power source. For the corded units although slightly lighter in weight do need power source for charging the external battery. For the advantage of usage for short term and portability are preferred but if looking for lightweight usage and unlimited supply of power corded ones are ideal.

Bit size and speed

Different rotary hand tools have various bit size and speed with the latest ones having speed settings which can maximize the tools performance when doing various tasks. For quality tools, consider the tools with many speed settings as well as wider range of speed as they offer much versatility.

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