How to Fit Your Hunting Bow Correctly

There are many people that enjoy target shooting as a hobby while others engage in this activity professionally as a competitive sport in the Olympics.  For you to engage in this activity accurately you should have equipment that performs perfectly. Among the factors that contribute to the accuracy of the bow is proper fitting. Buying a bow that has the proper fit help you save your time and money. Here are some tips that will guide you on how to find a bow that has a proper fit.

There are two types of designs used in making bows. You can choose to either have a right handed bow or a left-handed bow. It is very easy for many people to decide on the right one to choose between the two. You should note that a left-hand bow is designed with a grip on the right hand and the string is supposed to be drawn with the left side and vice versa for a right-hand bow. It is important to also consider your dominant eye. There are some people that have a dominant eye is opposite to the dominant hand. Such situations will require you to practice with both designs of bows so as to find the most appropriate one. You can also solve this problem by simply closing the dominant eye and aiming using the weak one. Make sure you go through these reviews of quality PSE recurve bows for a detailed guidance on finding the most appropriate bow.

Make sure you get a bow which has a draw length that makes you comfortable even when you adjust your body position. A bow with a draw length that is too short will make you have a smaller clear view and also reduces the power and speed of launching the arrow. A bow with a draw length that is too long will make you lose the grip you have on the cheek and therefore the accuracy of the shot is affected. You can find the perfect draw length by simply standing upright with you stretched away from each other. Measure the span of your arms from one fingertip to another. Divide the measurement by 2.5 and you will get the most appropriate draw length. It is recommendable to get a bow that has an adjustable draw length that will allow you to change it if you want to try on a new draw.

You should also look for the most appropriate draw weight for your bow. The most ideal draw weight is one that allows you to pull the bowstring in a well-controlled and smooth manner. There are times when you will be hunting in cold weather and therefore your body will go through the effects of cold muscles and high adrenaline levels. Such circumstances lead to the reduction in draw weight to levels that are manageable. You should practice regularly on how to reach full draw before you go into the woods to hunt. Make sure that you are using the correct arrow when drawing as it also affects the accuracy of the shot. Do some research or seek for professional guidance before you decide on the arrow to use with your bow.

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