Gear Up: Top Essential Motorcycle Body Gears that Every Motorcycle Rider Should Have

Gearing up properly is an essential practice for every motorcycle rider; with more than hundred road accidents happen each day, every rider should consider completing each gear for a safer motorcycle ride or race.

If you are unsure what to buy, this post together with this website will help you complete what you need to gear up for any motorcycling journey you wish to fulfill. Below are the top essential motorcycle body gears that every motorcycle rider should have:

1. Motorcycle Helmet

One of the basic yet important gears is the helmet; it is not only a good idea to wear it, but it is the smartest thing to do when riding a motorcycle. In fact, according to the statistics, it is estimated that wearing helmets when riding a motorcycle can reduce the risk of death by 37 percent and reduce the risk of head injury at about 69 percent. So, choose the right helmet that is durable and reliable enough to protect your head in case of a vehicular accident.

2. Motorcycle Jacket

Similar to a motorcycle helmet, jacket plays an essential role when riding a motorcycle. To fully understand the importance of wearing a motorcycle jacket, below are its various reasons why you should buy a durable, reliable, and cost-efficient one:

  • It helps you withstand any kind of weather.
  • It can protect you from possible abrasions and other types of injuries in a case of a motorcycle accident.
  • It lets you become more stylish.
  • These jackets are specifically designed to reduce damage to the internal organ from any impact caused by motorcycle miscalculations.

There are huge selections of styles, kinds, and designs of motorcycle jackets sold in the market today, but what you need to keep you well-protected are those manufactured with durable and reliable paddings.

3. Motorcycle Armors

Motorcycle armors are categorized into numbers of selections, some of these are:

  • Safety vests – These vests are designed with reflective strips that can help a motorcycle rider become visible to other road riders, especially big truck riders.
  • Chest and back armors – Wearing chest and back armors are not only recommended to those who race, but to every motorcycle riders. These are designed to protect the vital organs from any sort of impact in case of a motorcycle accident.
  • The knee and elbow armors – These armors are designed to cover and protect the joints, the shin, and all critical parts of the knee and elbow from any possible injuries caused by the motorcycle accidents.

4. Motorcycle Pants and boots

Motorcycle pants and boots are one of the essential motorcycle gears that are often left undervalued. Investing the right motorcycle pants and boots will protect the legs and feet from dirt, bugs, abrasions, and other bone injuries. So, if you are to complete your motorcycle body gear, do not hesitate to include the right pants and boots to your list.

Final Thoughts

Wearing protective gears are essential to every motorcycle rider’s safety. So, make sure to complete your gear before you race or take your motorcycle for a long ride.

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