Different types of LED bulbs

People have realized the best and most convenient bulbs to use at home are the LED bulbs. There are different types of LED bulbs in the market for the customers to choose from depending on their taste and preference. But, if it is your first time to buy an LED lamp, here are some essential tips to guide you in choosing the best-LED bulb.


Tips for buying the best LED bulb.

The brightness

The LED lights come in different levels of brightness to meet the customers’ needs. Some people don’t like various rooms being too bright like the bedrooms. Therefore for such rooms, you can choose the bulbs that have low lighting. The brightness of the lamps is usually measured in lumens. So the higher the lumens the more bright the bulb will be. So if you want a bulb that will provide a lot of brightness Maybe in the living room or the bathroom make sure you select a bulb that has a high number of lumens.

The color

LED lights are designed in different colors which range from soft white, red, blue, green and blue just to name a few. So if you wish your living room to illuminate blue, choose a bulb that has the blue color. Also, note that some lamps are designed to alternate different colors whereby they light different shades of color.


Dimming is the act that allows the user to control the amount of power that is delivered to the bulb. This is widely found on the traditional fluorescent bulbs in the case where you want to save on the energy power. If you want a bulb that you can control on power consumption, make sure you buy a bulb that is dimmable. Some bulbs may not work with the standard dimmers and for such cases; you may be required to purchase a dimmer that is compatible with the bulb.

The price

LED bulbs are expensive, and their prices are different as well depending on the quality and the amount of energy consumed. So the less the power the bulb consumes, the higher the rate it would cost you.

Energy saver bulbs

Most LED bulbs are designed to consume less energy whereby thy help you save up to 25 percent of the electricity consumption in your home. Such lamps are usually marked with the blue star sticker. So check the label if you wish to buy such bulbs.


If you want to replace your house standard bulbs with the LED ones, follow the above tips to help you in buying the appropriate bulbs. Make sure the bulbs are durable and meet all the above characteristics too. It is vital that you do a thorough research about the best brands on the market to ensure you buy quality bulbs.

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