All about Car Amplifiers: Learning the Basics

When talking about car audio, amplifiers are not from the subject. This audio device has been around for so long helping to produce quality sound from speakers. However, with the fast development of technology and innovation, amplifiers are no longer solely for home entertainment. There are more advanced amplifiers that a person can install in vehicles. It is the car amplifier you know today.

Back then, the number of car amplifier options is quite limited. But today, car amp has various features which include high-density power, sound options, flexibility, compact design, and thermal management system.

Selecting a car amp can be daunting and overwhelming for a first-time buyer. Thus, if you are also a newbie in selecting a car amp, here are some basics you have to know about this device.

The Channels

When you go to a store or browse the web to search for car amplifiers, you’ll notice the term 4-channel and 5-channel. What do these channels mean?

A channel in an amplifier refers to the number of the speaker system which the amp is capable of delivering power. Hence, a mono amp can power up a single speaker. A two-channel amp can work two speakers. On the other hand, a 4-channel system is capable of powering four speakers.

A 5-channel amplifier can distribute sufficient power in four speaker systems plus a one or two subwoofer. Moreover, a 5-channel amp runs using a single wire which is attached from the battery to the device. This feature is unlike the former amplifiers discussed above.

A mono, 2-channel and 4-channel amp requires an installation of separate audio equipment. Therefore, it consumes a lot of space which is not ideal for a vehicle with limited loading area. Furthermore, the installation process is quite a hassle. If you want an easier installation and more space in your car, it is best to select a 5-channel amp.

If you are interested in this type of amp, see some 5 channel car amp tips and tricks on how to select this device here at Sound Certified.

The Amplifier Power Rating

Here is where things will go tricky. As you keep on searching for this device, you would see on the product details that there are two kinds of power rating, the peak power, and RMS.

The peak power refers to the amount of power an amplifier is capable of using in sudden bursts. Hence, the peak power is only the highest point an amplifier can achieve.

On the other hand, RMS pertains to the operational power of the device. Thus, when looking for a car amplifier, focus on the RMS rating of the equipment rather than the peak power.

Checking the product’s CEA certification will also help in determining the accurate RMS power of an amplifier.

Sound Options

Modern car amplifiers offer more sound options. It features technology that allows you to control the bass sound as well as the low/high pass crossover. Look for these features when selecting a car amplifier.

Are you still confused?

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